The YANA Education for All Scholarship Award program which provided full scholarships to 25 beneficiaries in North Cameroon, has been a transformative initiative with far-reaching implications. This report offers a comprehensive overview of the program, its impact, and the future prospects it presents for the region.
Program Overview:
The scholarship award program designed to identify and support academically promising children and youth from North Cameroon who lack the means to acquire a sound education, offering them full scholarships to pursue their education. The program aimed to address financial barriers and create opportunities for students to access quality education, ultimately contributing to the socio-economic development of the region.
The 2023/2024 scholarship awards that was carried out under leadership of the Project Director, Mr. Dieudonne Kum Nchia was held on Friday, December 22, 2023 at African Dream Bilingual School Complex Ngong, North Cameroon and left the parents and 25 beneficiaries smiling and thanking their benefactors for such a timely intervention.
The program has had a profound impact on the beneficiaries and the community at large. It has not only provided access to education for underprivileged individuals but has also inspired a sense of hope and aspiration within the community. The beneficiaries, now equipped with the means to pursue their academic ambitions, stand as beacons of possibility, motivating others to strive for excellence and promote equity to ensure more sustainable communities.
The program’s impact extends beyond the beneficiaries, resonating within the communities. It has sparked conversations about the value of education and the potential for positive change.
The scholarship award that offered full scholarships to 25 beneficiaries in North Cameroon has been a catalyst for change and empowerment. It has not only provided educational opportunities for the underprivileged but has also ignited a spirit of optimism and progress within the community. The program stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and the potential for sustainable development in North Cameroon.
Both parents and beneficiaries of the scholarship expressed their gratitude to RE!Granting-Re Earthing Initiative through YANA USA INC. for giving them the opportunity to get a sound education. Indeed, this award was a timely intervention to many students who had no hope of schooling due to financial hardship. Receiving this assistance was therefore a seasoned relief to many and left both beneficiaries and their parents smiling and expressing profound gratitude to their benefactors.
The team at YANA expresses their immense appreciation to everyone who contributed to making the award ceremony a success, and once again thanked their benefactors especially to RE!Granting-Re Earthing Initiative for supporting the YANA mission of assuring communities, “You Are Not Alone”.
Challenges and Suggestions:
In a bid to promote inclusive and more sustainable future for children and youths through education and skill training, it is therefore imperative that the YANA Education for All Scholarship Award is extended to other parts of the country and increase the number of annual awards, hence more funding is required.

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