On April 22nd, 2024, the International Community celebrated World Earth’s Day under the theme “Planet vs Plastic”.

And it was a great moment to reflect whether or not the human community should protect the environment and preserve the planet Earth from pollution and decay especially from the disposal of plastics.

The billion-dollar question was “Do we choose to dispose of plastics in a healthier manner through reuse and recycling or do we decide to replace the natural environment with plastics and cause further harm to ourselves?”

In an attempt to answer this challenging question, YANA USA INC. embarked on a cleanup campaign through the YANA Team in Cameroon, thereby getting rid of all plastics and pollutants in public places in general.

These environmental activists stormed the Molyko Omnisport Stadium Buea resolved to give it a healthier look. Volunteers of all shapes, sizes and colors, equipped with various tools and placards carrying different messages to tell the people of Buea and beyond that protecting our environment is a collective responsibility.

As early as 7am, YANA Volunteers gathered in their colorful T-shirts and vests at the  Molyko Stadium, to match words to actions with just one message: “Together let’s protect our environment for our children and generations after!”

Placards with various slogans were displayed while passersby were amazed to notice a new breed of young and energetic people sweating, smiling and yet moving their bodies to the rhythm of giving the stadium a new face and telling its occupants “we can do better than this!”

The message by their action was clear:

Together we can preserve our environment and live healthy!

Protecting our environment is the responsibility of all.

These and much more were the messages that YANA volunteers sent across to all who saw and heard them.

Once again YANA USA INC has answered her name by telling the Buea community and the world at large, “You Are Not Alone!”

YANA is there to work with communities, to encourage and support them at all times.

Thank you, YANA, for leading by example.

We transform minds and impact lives!

YANA, You Are Not Alone!

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