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Yana works each and every day to improve the intellectual, social, moral and economic wellbeing of children, youth, women and the old in our communities through education, skill and comprehensive development assistance. We strive to create a better society for all. Enveloped in Yana is the principles of integrity, ethics, honesty and transparency. We are convinced that only a job well-done with integrity, rigor and honesty, will allow us to truly create impact to our communities in the transformation and improvement of the well-being of everyone hence building a better society. 

Inspired by our values, we are determined to safeguard human rights by identifying, preventing, mitigating and addressing any adverse effect on people in our community.

We joined the UN’s plan for Sustainable Development Goal to contribute to reduce inequality and promote global prosperity through social inclusion, growth and environmental protection in our community.


The vision of YANA is to transform minds through education and mobilize resources to alleviate the suffering of the socially disadvantaged and to ensure equal distribution of opportunities and privileges in the society.

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