Tree of Life Project in the North of Cameroon in Partnership With Earth Rising Foundation

The Tree of Life Project, North Cameroon was an Earth Rising-YANA cooperation for environmental awareness, protection and climate intersections. Thanks to the Earth Rising Foundation’s grant offered to YANA this project that involved the construction of a solar-powered borehole and planting of 1000 drought-resistant Neem and acacia trees adapted to the Sahelian climate in North Cameroon aimed at mitigating climate change and improving livelihoods and community resilience in three main communities in Tcheboa Subdivision, namely Ngong, Djola and Djefatou.

The Tree of Life Project was launched in Ngong, Tcheboa Subdivision, Bénoué Division, North Cameroon on April 29, 2023. This project was led by Mr Dieudonne Kum Nchia, YANA’s Project Director, and the launching event was in two phases: a conference at the Ngong Council Hall and a grand inauguration of the borehole and tree planting exercise. The event had an attendance of over 150 participants, including the Divisional officer of Tcheboa Subdivision Mr. Jean Djallo, the Mayor of Ngong council Mr Hamadou Ahiwa amongst several other dignitaries who expressed their gratitude and great satisfaction to their benefactors for this initiative.

The project which saw the planting of 1000 drought-resistant Neem and Acacia trees in public places including schools, parks, hospitals and along the streets of Ngong, Djola and Djefatou was a success thanks to the collaboration of administrative authorities, school authorities and the indigenous people.
The tree planting exercise was carried out in two phases, with the first phase that saw the planting of over 800 trees in Ngong (Lycée Technique, Lycée Bilingue, and African Dream), Djola (École Publique de Djola Kapsiki, Lycée de Djola, Stade Amadou Bakoura, and the roadside), and Djefatou (École Maternelle, École Publique, and Centre de Santé Intégré) by May 2023. And the second phase that saw the close of the tree planting exercise early July 2023 giving a total of 1000 trees.

During the length of the project, sensitization campaigns were organized within the different communities and on national television (CRTV) that raised immediate awareness and actions to protect the environment and mitigate the effects of climate change. While the borehole donated by this project supplies regular drinking water for the population of Ngong, facilitated the watering of trees at the Community Nursery, and the growing of vegetables by indigenous women. The trees planted when mature will guarantee cooling, carbon regulation, shelter, and medicinal values to communities in the nearest future.
The communities through their administrative authorities and community-based groups have tendered appeals for more trees to be planted in their communities as they thanked their benefactors for their generous donation and commitment to climate change mitigation, environmental protection and nation building by promoting resilience within local communities in the face of adversity.

The last phase of the project was monitoring and evaluation which yielded a resounding success as over 90% of the trees planted survived in the three communities even though a few were damaged by stray animals. The communities through their leaders were urged to restrain their animals to ensure 100% growth and preservation of these trees that are so essential for the environment and the collective fight to mitigate climate change.
The response and collaboration from the different communities, civil and traditional authorities, school administrators, teachers and students have been overwhelming.

The project was sponsored by a grant offered by Earth Rising Foundation to the tune of $18,000 and YANA team extends their gratitude to all three communities, especially HRM, Lamido of Tcheboa, the Divisional officer for Tcheboa, chiefs of Djola and Djefatou, the Mayor of Ngong Council, School administrators, teachers and students, for their massive mobilization and involvement in climate action.

Achievements and Impact:
The project produced the following outcomes.
• Planted over 1000 drought-resistant Neem and Acacia trees with 90% survival in the three communities.
• Trained over 300 climate change and environmental protection activists in the North of Cameroon, including community leaders, local administrative authorities, school teachers, youths, women and men.
• Through YANA’s partnership with community leaders, school and local administrative authorities, there has been an implementation of environmental studies and climate change action in the curriculum in over 15 partner schools in North Cameroon.
• The implementation of administrative policies for sustainable environmental protection strategies in order to promote green and more sustainable communities.
• Economic empowerment of women through market gardening favored by the provision of the solar-powered borehole that supplies both good drinking water and regular water for the cultivation of vegetables (for sale and domestic consumption).

Inauguration of Tree of life project and handing over of borehole
Community and media outeach
How it started and how it is going
Drilling and installation of solar-powered borehole

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