YANA USA Inc Puts a Broad Smile on the Faces of 200 Widows in Mile 16 Bolifamba Buea Subdivision Southwest Cameroon.

YANA’s humanitarian outreach left many overwhelmed via its support to over 200 widows of the community at Mile 16, Bolifamba-Buea, Southwest Cameroon.

The event took place at the St  Jude Catholic Parish Hall, filled with widows within the age range (of 30-80) and from all religious and cultural backgrounds. Thanks to the hospitality of the parish priest, Rev. Fr. Theophilus and the dynamic coordination of the widows’ President, Mrs Bertha Mendi, the hall was provided as a meeting space for this special group of people.

The kick-off of the ceremony

The ceremony began at 4:45 p.m. local time with an opening prayer from one of the widows, imploring the grace of God upon all present and thanking God for the opportunity to receive gifts from the organization in a time of need. This was followed by a word of welcome and gratitude from the widows’ coordinator. Then came a brief presentation of YANA and its activities by Pst. D. Kum Nchia,  YANA’s regional coordinator and co-founder.

Three speeches graced the occasion interspersed with singing and dancing from the beneficiaries.


In the first speech, the widows’  President, Mrs Bertha Mendi, welcomed all present and appreciated YANA through its representatives for such largesse in the form of foodstuffs (rice), vegetable oil and soap. She further prayed that this gesture would not be the first and last as among them were internally displaced women and children, victims of the sociopolitical crisis in the two regions (Northwest and Southwest) of the country.

Then came the speech of Pst. Kum Nchia. He welcomed all present and thanked both the parish priest and the widows for their consistency and hospitality in providing a hall for the event and mobilizing over 200 registered widows as beneficiaries. 

 Furthermore, the population was informed that YANA had pledged to do even more in the next outreach regarding the number of beneficiaries and the content of the gift. All the widows needed to do was to be united and treat one another as a family, irrespective of their cultural and religious diversity. 

Before sharing the gifts came a speech from Ms Larisa Shei, the project director. In her remarks, Ms Shei appreciated the presence of all on that occasion and counted it a great privilege to address her mothers and grandmothers. She further stressed that the gifts were proof that YANA answers to its name ( You Are Not Alone), telling them that they are not alone.

With these words, the sharing of gifts began.

Sharing of gifts:

The sharing continued alongside snapshots and interviews up to  8:30 p.m. (Cameroon time) as two widows and a disabled widower who could not make it to the hall were served with their gifts at their homes, a few kilometers nearby.


Indeed, the YANA’s widows’ outreach was a pleasant way to begin the festive holiday as many widows returned home with great joy. Thanks so much, YANA! Merci beaucoup, YANA !

About YANA

Worth noting is that YANA Inc. is a US-based NGO with an aim to empower children, youths and women to overcome poverty and abuse while developing and attaining their God-given potential, and making their communities better places where all can thrive.

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