Environmental Conservation and Youth Activism in Ngong, North Cameroon (October 2021)

YANNA Inc., is glad to have partnered African Dream Community Education Bilingual School Complex (ADCEBSC) Ngong in the fight against climate change involving 100 pupils, students and teachers of the institution as a pacesetter for the entire Tcheboa Subdivision.
Children have been drilled on environmental protection by inspiring them in the planting and watering of 100 adaptable and environmentally friendly trees and through traditional songs, poems, sketches and dances that help them develop a friendly connection to the environment.

The participants, through the creation of an Environment Club, were provided with some seedlings, including Neem, acacia, and paw paw and supervised the planting and watering within the school environment. The practices learnt will be shared with neighboring schools and other youths thereby extending the impact of youth activism on climate change.
The project witnessed an increase in the interest to plant trees within the Delem neighborhood (where the school is located) and discouraged the cutting down of trees for fuel within the community.

In sum, this project can be replicated at a larger scale, in many other places, within Tcheboa Subdivision as this would maintain a constant source of shelter while also improving soil fertility and reducing carbon emission in the community.

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