YANA Inc. USA brings joy to Tcheboa Subdivision

The YANA (You Are Not Alone) Scholarship Award Ceremony at African Dream Bilingual School Complex Ngong, North Cameroon was awesome as YANA Inc. USA put smiles on the faces of 20 underprivileged children within the Ngong community in Tcheboa Subdivision.

Worth noting is that YANA Inc. is a US-based NGO with an aim to empower children, youths and women through education and training.

The event was graced with the presence of the Subdivisional Officer of Tcheboa Subdivision, HRM Lamido of Tcheboa and the Ardos of Ngong and Rabingha, The Brigade Commander of the BIR and Gendarmerie, the Commissioner of Police, Principals and head teachers of public and private schools, among several others.

Start of Ceremony
The ceremony began at 9:45 a.m. with an opening prayer by Mr. Todou, principal of Lycée Classique Ngong. This was followed by the singing of The National Anthem and a welcome song by African Dream Bilingual College (ADBICOL) Ngong.

Three speeches graced the occasion interspersed with Oroko traditional dance and a poem (primary) and ballet from the secondary.

In the first speech, the Principal of African Dream Bilingual School Complex, Mr. Alang Theophilus, welcomed all present and appreciated them for honoring the invitation on such a busy day as Saturday. He further thanked the Proprietor of the Complex for his endless efforts to promote quality education in Tcheboa Subdivision and for the partnership with YANA shown through the largesse of scholarship awards.

Then came the speech of the Proprietor of African Dream Bilingual School Complex Ngong, Mr. Kum Nchia, who doubled as YANA’s representative in Cameroon. Mr. Nchia welcomed all present and thanked both dignitaries and parents for their consistency and commitment towards the vision of African Dream since its inception in 2019. Thanks to the partnership that African Dream enjoys with the Ngong community, the school complex has evolved from nursery to secondary (Form 5) just within five years. Again, he added that with the new partnership with YANA Inc. USA, starting with the award of scholarships on that day, the entire Tcheboa Subdivision would be a great beneficiary of socioeconomic development. Furthermore, the population was informed that YANA had pledged to do even more in the next scholarship award in terms of number of beneficiaries, the scope and content on condition that these children worked hard in school to show their gratitude. He concluded by thanking YANA for its great heart to put a smile on the faces of children within the Ngong community.


Next, to mark the opening of the scholarship award, came the Subdivisional Officer (D.O) of Tcheboa Subdivision. In his speech, the representative of the D.O., Mr. Joseph Vanawa, appreciated the presence of all on that occasion. A proof of the commitment of the people to the education and wellbeing of their children. He equally thanked the Proprietor of African Dream and YANA for their generosity, beyond African Dream, reaching to children within the entire community. With these words, he declared the scholarship award opened.

Award of Scholarships
The scholarship included cash and material awards such as school bags, books and other writing materials. And the 20 benefits were 11 children from other schools and 9 children from African Dream, the majority of them being girls (16 Females and 4 Males). Of the 20 children, three (03) were in nursery school, 12 in primary school and five (05) in secondary school.


To close the award ceremony, snapshots were taken, followed by a refreshment at 11:45 a.m. (Cameroon time).

Reactions and interviews
During an interview with the representative of HRM Lamido of Tcheboa, Sarki Sanou, expressed gratitude towards the Proprietor and YANA for making a difference in the lives of their children through education and for bringing joy to the subdivision through the scholarship award respectively. The parents of the beneficiaries could not hide their joy while others are expecting to be part next school year.

Thanks to YANA’s scholarship award lives are being transformed as children are given hope to realize their dreams through education. Thanks so much, YANA! Merci beaucoup! Sorko djuu!

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