Skill Development

YANA embarked on a skill development program in 2022, aimed to equip and empower young individuals with valuable practical skills that would enhance their employability and contribute to the overall socio-economic development of the community. This session sponsored the training of 3 young Cameroonians (two boys and a girl) in dressmaking, mechanics, and amalco-glass designs.
Project Objectives
The primary objectives of the skill development program were:
1. To provide comprehensive training to equip youths with practical skills.
2. To facilitate the professional and personal growth of the participants, enabling them to secure employment opportunities or establish sustainable livelihoods.
3. To foster a sense of community engagement and social responsibility among the participants, encouraging them to contribute positively to their localities.
Program Implementation
The program commenced with a meticulous selection process to identify motivated and deserving youths who displayed a keen interest in acquiring skills in specified fields. The selected participants were then enrolled in training courses conducted by experienced professionals and instructors who designed a comprehensive program to cover both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.
The dressmaking module encompassed a wide range of techniques, including pattern cutting, garment construction, and design principles. The participant was also exposed to the business aspects of dressmaking, such as cost estimation, marketing, and customer relations.
In the mechanics training, the emphasis was on developing competencies in automotive repair, engine maintenance, and diagnostic procedures. Practical and simulated exercises were integral components of the training to bolster the participant’s proficiency.
The almaco training focused on imparting knowledge and proficiency in the design and constructure of glass windows, doors and other essential glassware structures. The participant received comprehensive instruction in equipment handling, safety protocols, and maintenance practices.
The program which was sponsored by goodwill donations through YANA paid for the training costs of participants’ specified fields for an 18 months duration to enable them acquire the necessary training and certification in their designated fields of interest.
Outcomes and Impact
The skill development program upon completion will yield significant outcomes, including:
1. Enhanced employability: Participants will acquire specialized skills that positioned them favorably in the job market, leading to employment opportunities in relevant industries.
2. Entrepreneurial ventures: Participants will demonstrate entrepreneurial aspirations, leveraging their acquired skills to initiate small-scale businesses and ventures in dressmaking, mechanics, and amalco-glass design operations.
3. Community contribution: Graduates of the program will contribute to their communities, providing valuable services and expertise in their respective fields and serving as role models for aspiring youths.
Challenges and Lessons Learned
The project encountered challenges related to resource constraints, limiting the number of beneficiaries and the need for ongoing support for trainees during the course of training and upon completion of their training. These challenges underscore the importance of sustained access to resources through sponsorships and partnerships in order to ensure its sustainability, and opportunities for other underserved youths/communities.

The team at YANA extends her gratitude to our partners through who’s generous donations we were able to launch this valuable skills development program, fostering empowerment and socio-economic progress within our communities. The project’s impact on the lives of the participants and the broader community underscores the significance of investing in skill development initiatives for the betterment of society.

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