We envisage offering scholarships to at least 30 underprivileged students in Ngong (North Cameroon), especially girls, who are victims of neglect and early marriages by the end of this year.

Below are just a few of the benefits of this scholarship scheme to the community in particular and the country in general.

  • Enable children to have access to free quality basic education and greatly reduce the rate of illiteracy and early marriages (for young girls) in North Cameroon.
  • Empower many young people, especially girls to accomplish their dreams of pursuing their studies in the secondary and becoming useful members in their community.
  • Offer a sigh of relief and hope to parents and young people to further their education and become useful in society.
  • Help internally displaced people (IDPs) from the North West and South West regions resident in the North region to get the chance to return to school and fulfill their dreams.
  • Improve on the environmental conditions of society.


The vision of YANA is to transform minds through education and mobilize resources to alleviate the suffering of the socially disadvantaged and to ensure equal distribution of opportunities and privileges in the society.

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