Menstrual Hygiene Sensitization Campaign and Donation of Sanitary Pad to students at Kingston Memorial Comprehensive College Bokwango in Buea, Cameroon

On the 23rd of May 2024, YANA Inc. in partnership with Revive Action Cameroon (REVACAM) and Reachers Foudation embarked on a menstrual hygiene sensitization campaign and donated sanitary pads to students at Kingston Memorial Comprehensive College Bokwango in Buea, Southwest region of Cameroon. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene and provide essential sanitary products to young girls who may face challenges in managing their menstrual health due to financial constraints.
The campaign commenced with a team of volunteers from all three organizations visiting the secondary school in Buea to conduct an interactive and informative session on menstrual hygiene. The session included discussions on the importance of maintaining good menstrual hygiene practices, proper usage of sanitary pads, and the overall significance of menstrual health. The sensitization campaign also featured open discussions where volunteers shared their experiences and students were encouraged to ask questions and share their experiences related to menstrual hygiene. This interactive approach allowed the volunteers to address misconceptions and taboos surrounding menstruation, empowering the students to embrace their menstrual health with confidence.
Following the sensitization session, YANA Inc., REVACAM and Reachers Foundation distributed sanitary pads to the students. Additionally, the volunteers provided guidelines on the proper use and disposal of sanitary pads, ensuring that the students were equipped with comprehensive knowledge on menstrual hygiene management.
The impact of the menstrual hygiene sensitization campaign was profound, as evidenced by the positive feedback received from the students and school staff. The students expressed gratitude for the informative session and the provision of sanitary pads. Furthermore, the school administration acknowledged the significance of the campaign in promoting the well-being of the students and fostering a supportive environment for menstrual health awareness.
The menstrual hygiene sensitization campaign and sanitary pad donation organized by YANA Inc., REVACAM and Reachers Foundation at Kingston Memorial Comprehensive College Bokwango in Buea, Cameroon, served as a pivotal initiative as part of a week-long campaign aimed at addressing the menstrual health needs of young girls. By raising awareness and providing essential sanitary products, the campaign contributes to the empowerment and dignity of the students, ensuring that they can manage their menstrual hygiene with confidence and comfort. The impact of this initiative resonates beyond the immediate distribution of sanitary pads, as it fosters a culture of openness and support for menstrual health in the community.
This report stands as a testament to the commitment of the partnering organizations in promoting menstrual hygiene and advocating for the well-being of young girls in Buea, Cameroon.

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